Montauk Spearfishing

Targeted Species

The prize fish for inshore divers and anglers in the North East is typically the Striped Bass. These Bass can be found in waters as shallow as 10’ or in deeper water 70’+. If you are comfortable at 40-50’, we should be able to put you on some nice size fish ranging 30-50+ lbs.

There are also several other species we target depending on the time of season. Black Sea Bass, Tog, Fluke and Porgie are also fun fish to hunt as well as delicious to eat.

Diving Experience

We cater to all levels of experience and will even provide for instruction in both freediving and spearfishing technique. For beginner or novice divers, we will assess your capabilities and provide you with instruction to advance your skill. For advanced divers, we will target more challenging spots as well as depths in efforts of hunting larger fish.

Half Day

Our half-day trips generally run from 7 am-11: 30 am. We provide ice as well as clean and bag all fish.

Full Day

Our full day trips run from 7am4pm. We have the options of diving several spots between New York, Connneticut and Rhode Island. We provide ice as well as clean and bag all fish


We will document several of your dives in both still and video. We also have a professional underwater cameraman that can be hired for the entire day to capture the full experience.


We follow and abide by all state and federal regulations when we are diving and shooting fish.


We only hunt and shoot fish that we plan on consuming.